What Membership Means

Being a member of LiUNA today means honouring a heritage that began in 1903 when courageous workers overcame hostility, threats and violence to join together.

We honour that heritage through our struggles today – being heard in government, raising standards for workers and employers on the job, and reaching out to a new generation of workers yearning for a better life.

The rewards come in better pay, benefits and working conditions, and in pride for adding the strength of each of our voices to something stronger.

We are one of Canada’s most powerful and respected trade unions. We can help you and your co-workers greatly improve your wages, benefits and working conditions. We’ve done it for many others. We can do it for you.

Whether it’s by going to work for an employer who already works with LiUNA, or by joining with co-workers to organize and bring LiUNA into the workplace… you can join us!